Phobie & Phleak (Part 3)

{If you missed the first two installments of Phobie & Phleak, you can read them here and here.}

“So, Phobie, I’ve just been following you the whole time. How do we know where to go?” asked Phleak once they were on the other side.

“Dude, you think I’m only good at archery but I’m a pro at navigation. Footprints, been following the footprints,” said Phobie pointing to the prints on the ground.

Just then Phleak looked up. “Whoa, Phobie, it’s a bulldog!” said Phleak excitedly. “Let’s follow it,” suggested Phleak. Without waiting for an answer, Phleak followed the dog.

“Hey, Phobie, you might want to see this!” yelled Phleak.

Once she was there her eyes were wide and mouth was open. “The solid silver bow and arrow,” Phobie whispered. She looked over at the bulldog. It was growling loud.

“Phobie, get the trophy. I’ll distract the dog,” whispered Phleak.

As she was about to grab it, a handcuff fell on her wrist. “That didn’t work,” she mumbled.

“Phobie, watch out!” The dog was running toward her. But when it was about to jump, Phobie pulled out a red bandana and threw it to Phleak.

“What’s this for?” he asked.

“He’s a BULLdog!” reminded Phobie. Before Phleak knew what was happening the dog was running toward him. “Phleak, I have the bow and arrow. Now you drop the bandana and run!” yelled Phobie. With that, they were out. They ran all the way back to the Archery Academy. The bulldog’s fat, short, chubby legs gave out the first half mile.

Back at the Archery Academy, they were getting ready for the big contest. They had already been rewarded with extra dessert for returning the trophy but they didn’t tell anybody that a dog was thief. Once the contest started Phobie and Phleak were getting bulls eyes like crazy. It turned out they tied and shared the solid silver bow and arrow.

The End.

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