Under Where?!

Moms out there, back me up on this one. 
You don't have to be gone very long at all for things to get out of control. 
I was in my room for a only few minutes and come back out to this!

He was fully clothed before I left.  I didn't even know he could get his diaper off by himself!
He thought it was hilarious!  (i did, too, actually)

Had to censor that last one.  I'm not sure about blogger's nudity standards.
You better believe Trek was not far behind (ha.) in getting his clothes off.  They had a blast running around nekkid until hypothermia became an issue and I made them put their duds back on.

Smile!  It's Wednesday!


  1. Ha ! Boys are boys, naked is the way to be :-) remember the I'd rather be naked shirt? They should make those in all sizes :-)

  2. So precious. What a cute lil patootie. And those eyes, I'm sure you just went and hugged him. Uh... after you took these pictures.

  3. I love this!!!! Your littlest is the same age as mine....and I have 2 girls. I'm so interested in what boys do....like nudism. Girls....not so much, at least not mine. Adorable!!!!!!!

  4. stormy, stay tuned for more differences b/t boys and girls!


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