Hike at Bullards Bar Resevoir

Bullards Bar Resevoir is not that far from the house.  However, the road we usually take still had trees down everywhere from the snow.  So by the time we got to the trailhead, it was already time to have our picnic.

Once the bellies were full we took off.
Some hike a little faster than others.
The kiddos played this game where they would run ahead as far as they could before we lost sight of them and them freeze until we caught up and gave them the signal to run on.

The view of the lake from the trail was just spectacular, even in winter (the water will be higher come summer).  I was just thinking what a great trail this would be to bike when, whadda ya know, a few mountain bikers passed us.  They gave us some tips for when we come back with some bikes, and a few less kids.

Whenever you go to any body of water, you must find something to throw into it.
Usually rocks.  Rocks are good. 
But if you find a stick and throw it in first then you can try to sink it with the rocks.

This is really more of a boy thing.  So Abs and I played with the camera.

Surprise!  We found a frog.  Thought it might be too cold for the little boogers.
Trek is a critter lover.  Ever since forever.
The summer he was toddling, he received several stings from critters that don't like to be picked up by pudgy little pinchers.  Yet it has not deflated his interest one bit.
Bean is more wary of wriggly, crawly, jumpy things.
Oh, and Trek has on his "handsome" shirt.

 Lastly, a quiz.
Anyone know what kind of bird this is?
It was well camoflaged.  We passed by it a couple times before anybody saw it.


  1. I love these type of outings. It looks beautiful there.

    That is such a sweet picture of you and Abby! You should do more of those. You look SO much alike.

  2. Love how you and Abby both squinch your nose the same way when laughing.


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