Phobie & Phleak (Part 1)

Bulls Eye! Phobie was at archery practice getting ready for the big contest. There was a big contest every year. This year’s trophy was a solid silver bow and arrow. Phobie and her BFF, Phleak (Phleak is a platypus), loved archery so much their parents put them in this school called Archery Academy.

Phobie is tall, with cloudy blue eyes, long dark brown curly hair, and freckles across her nose. Phleak is a furry, webbed footed, beaver tailed, duck-billed, superstitious creature with blue eyes. Another thing you need to know: Phobie is NOT a girly-girl! She usually wears a t-shirt, skinny jeans, a hoodie, and skateboard shoes. Phleak on the other hand is a platypus so he doesn’t wear anything.

A day before the contest, their archery leader called everybody in. The leader didn’t look happy. Then, the most dreadful announcement they had ever heard was announced. The leader said, “The solid silver bow and arrow was stolen.” They all gasped.

“What! We had it well guarded,” said Phobie.

“I guess not well enough,” said the leader holding up a smashed lock.

That night, Phobie said, “We’re sneaking out.”

“To go for the solid silver bow and arrow, have you gone mad?” said Phleak.

“It couldn’t be that hard,” pleaded Phobie.

“We don’t even know who the heck stole it,” complained Phleak.

“We’ll go look for fingerprints!” said Phobie.

“Fine,” grumbled Phleak.

Once they were in the place where the solid silver bow and arrow was stolen, Phobie found fingerprints. “I found fingerprints!” she announced. “But they don’t look human,” she added.

“WHAT!” yelled Phleak.

“Shhh,” hissed Phobie.

“Have fun tracking the thing,” squeaked Phleak.

“Nice try, Phleak,” said Phobie, grabbing Phleak and their things. “Ready?” asked Phobie.

“No,” said Phleak.

“Don’t worry. It’s not like there’s going to be any dragons,” laughed Phobie. “Come on.”

They had walked about two miles when Phleak said, “Phobie, we should probably set up camp. It’s a full moon. The werewolves will be out.”

“You’re so bad. You should really go back to the cabin when we tell around-the-campfire stories,” giggled Phobie.

“Stop it, Phobie,” complained Phleak.

“OMG. It’s the Headless Horseman!” Phobie joked.

“Could be real,” mumbled Phleak.

“I know. A man got his head chopped off in battle while riding a horse and goes around haunting people,” told Phobie.

“You think I’m superstitious? You should meet my family!” exclaimed Phleak.

“Really? Because, when you first came, I killed a spider and you got heck-of nervous,” Phobie shot back. When Phleak came to Archery Academy he told Phobie that killing spiders was bad luck. “Phleak, stop glaring at me like that!” compained Phobie.

“Tents,” urged Phleak.

“Fine,” grumbled Phobie.

She took off her backpack and turned around. “Phleak, don’t turn around, whatever you do,” whispered Phobie.

“What is it? A dragon? Because that’s one thing I don’t believe in,” said Phleak as he turned around.

“Arrrriik!” screeched a dragon.

“That was loud,” announced Phobie.

“You’re taking this surprisingly well!” panicked Phleak.

“I know,” agreed Phobie as she took out her bow and arrow.

“That’s a dragon with a lot of teeth. Have you gone crazy?” shouted Phleak.

“Maybe, but I still have a brain and am using it!” Phobie said watching her arrow soar through the air.

“Nice shot,” Phleak said right after her arrow hit the dragon in the eye and came tumbling down dead.

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  1. Abby, we just had a lesson at school about using 7 traits of writing. You did a great job of hitting every one of them. Love your intro. sentence, description, and use of words. :-)


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