San Fran Sanity

My darling, sweet, loving husband surprised me last weekend! 
I thought we were just going on a lunch date with a couple friends into Sacramento, which we did.  Our friend, Maury, was confused.  He thought we were going to San Fran for lunch but I straightened him out real quick.  I told him San Fran was a little far for a day trip.  And another friend, Karyn, just happened to join us because she needed to get off the mountain, too.  Well, of course, she does, I thought, please tell her to come.  (It was still snowing when she left Woodleaf, by the way.) 

So we have a lovely lunch and walk around downtown Sac a bit.  We are walking back to the cars (we had two cars because Karyn "had some other errands to do after lunch") and trying to decide what to do next when Jonathan says "well yall should probably get going if you're going onto San Francisco"  Ha ha.  I thought he was referring back to Maury's silly idea that we would go all the way there for lunch.  Then I see everyone else looking at me like "no really."  Really?!  I don't have to go back to the snow today?  I get to hang out with some cool girlfriends with zero kids in tow?  In the city?  Really?!!!

Yes!  He throws me the bag he packed for me and snuck into the car while I wasn't looking and the girls head off in Karyn's car that is so conveniently there!

We had a cute little hotel room near Union Square.  It was so fun to be out at night in the big city!  People were bustling all over the place.  Some guy was fighting with the bouncer at a nightclub because he wasn't on the list.  The nightclub had a list!  We could have been on the list if we wanted to but instead we walked over to get dinner at this little sushi place. 

Sunday we shopped.  And I don't mean the grocery store!  Anthropologie, JCrew, H&M, Gap, a tea shop, Urban Outfitters...  Julie and I were trying to figure out how we could make all this stuff instead of having to buy it at those lovely prices.  It was so inspiring.  I found pics of some of my favorites.  (I couldn't fit the entire Anthropologie building here, but you know.)

I hope I can try out a few things like these soon.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Anyway the weekend was amazingly refreshing and by the time I got back home the snow had stopped falling. 

Thanks, Jono.

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