Phobie & Phleak (Part 2)

{If you missed part one of Phobie & Phleak, you can read it here.}

In the morning they started on again. Then they reached a bridge 1,000 feet above ground. Phobie stopped just when they were about to cross. “What’s up?” asked Phleak.

Phobie pointed to the bridge. “That’s what’s up.”

Phleak looked at her. She was white as a ghost. “Don’t tell me you’re scared of heights,” said Phleak. Phobie didn’t answer. “Come on, Phobie. It’s the only way across. You gotta face your fear if you want to find the silver bow and arrow,” encouraged Phleak.

“I already did that last night but heights are my worst fear!” Now Phobie was about to blow her head off.

“You were scared of the dragon?!” shouted Phleak.

“Be quiet, Phleak!” Phobie said annoyed.

“And I thought I was the scared one,” Phleak said in disbelief.

“At least we know it’s real!” Phobie shot back.

“Good point,” Phleak said in a small voice. “Hey, Phobie, did you know I’m scared of swimming?” admitted Phleak.

“But you’re a platypus! Ok, Phleak, that ain’t cool!” Phobie said trying to keep the laughter away. With that, she crossed the bridge.

About two miles later they came to a river. “You’re not making me swim across that,” Phleak squeaked.

“Yeah, unless you see a boat,” said Phobie.

“Come on, Phobie. A lot of people are scared of swimming,” complained Phleak.

“Maybe a lot of people, but a platypus?” pointed out Phobie.

“Fine!” Phleak said as he jumped in the river.

“Now that wasn’t too bad was it?” said Phobie.

Will they ever find you stole the trophy? 
Will they make it back in time for the competition? 
Stay tuned for next week's exciting conclusion of Phobie and Phleak!

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  1. I never expected Phobie to be afraid! But, I like this turn though because it makes Phobie seem real. Good job Abby!


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