Joe Had a Birthday

Joe had a birthday a few weeks ago.
He turned SEVEN!
Is every year a "i can't believe he's so old" year?  This one definitely was.

He woke up to one of his favorite things.
(something he always has at the grandparents house)

Old Man Joe is what he wants his grandkids to call him.  We were informed of this recently.  How he's going to have grandchildren, I don't know, because he also informed us he's not having any kids.

We made him wait until after school to open his presents which, of course, was pure torture.
There were some really great presents sent by the grandparents.  Boxes that had been sitting out a few days taunting him.  He showed those boxes who was boss.

He had a few friends come over to celebrate with him one afternoon.
Aren't they just adorable?!
There was a lot of energy in the house so we sent them outside for a bit even though it was a snowy mess.
They didn't care.  They still threw it, climbed it, and made it yellow. 

One of his present boxes was so crazy big he decided he should sleep in it!
And he did.

That kid.  Gotta love him!


  1. Those boys! They were CRAZY! We love you Old Man Joe!

  2. Old Man Joe might get shortened to OMJ. ;-)
    Love ya man,


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