My Kind of Snow

I thought you were tired of snow?  my daughter said.
Completely and totally tired of the snow you have to shovel and walk through every time you open the door.
Definitely done with the kind of snow that knocks out our power for days at a time.
But the kind that you drive to, swing up over in the gondola and swish down on skis in--
Especially when a friend offers a complimentary lift ticket with the deal. 
Love that kind of snow!

It was such a gorgeous day to be there.
At the top of the lift, you turn around and can see Lake Tahoe.

Most of us had not been skiing for quite a while, but that did not stop us from owning the slopes!
We were pretty much superstars.

I mean, check out that air!  Mr. White is going to want some tips from this lady.

At the top of this bowl, we took the following two shots. 

It was a great day of skiing.  It included one big fall for me (it usually does) where I lost everything as I snowballed down the mountain.  Pole, pole. I can get my balance back. Nope. Ski, ski, glasses.  Slide.  Check for broken bones.  None.  Take a bow for my audience on the lift. 

Yes.  That is my kind of snow!

It's not very often I get to be in the pictures.
That's what this little linky challenge is about.


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