Annual Park Pic

There is a park in town that has these four little balancing mushrooms to play on.  When we had Big D that made four kiddos.  Fun place for us to take a photo with all of them. 
We have been able to do it three years in row.
(quite a feat for us since that means having been in one place for at least that long) 
Check out how much they have grown!




Those of you with more than one child can attest to the fact that it is difficult   a physical challenge  
a great test of patience and fortitude to get all of your children looking pleasant and natural all in the same shot.  I don't know how professional photographers do it on a regular basis.
 The one I shared was the best one over all but here are a few more shots
that just make my heart glad...


  1. Wow! So much fun. I 'm copying these to print. Be sure to include in my annual pic disk update, ;-)

  2. Some photographers use Photoshop to grab a face off one pic and put it on another. Like me!


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