News from the Coop

We ended up with chickens this summer kinda by default.  They needed them to be part of the entertainment for summer camp and the birds had to have a place to stay, so...the old greenhouse shed is next door to our house and was easy to convert into a chicken house.  Since they were going to be living so close to us, I requested that we get all hens.  And that's what we thought we had
until recently.
One of the girls was starting to look a little suspect--going red in the gobbler and comb region.
This week it was confirmed.
There is definite cockadoodling.

we got our first egg!!!

So at least one of them is a hen.

Any suggestions on how to get her to lay IN the chicken house?


  1. My grandpa puts s lot of hay in the hen house so they can kind of make a nest and I have also heard that if you put a white plastic egg they will lay with it. Worth a shot I guess? Good luck! Nothing beats fresh eggs!

  2. I'm not really informed about chickens, but that picture looks like a rooster to me.
    Did you eat the egg?


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