Autumn Yellow


Remember Jono's poem--Yeller Pianer
This is our yeller pianer. 
I love the how the angle of light changes in the fall.

We don't get a lot of color changes in the fall because most of the trees up here are evergreens.
These cat-tails around the lake are one of the things that does change.  The boys want to collect all the "corndogs" on top but those buggers are not easy to snap off!

And lastly...my sweet yellow vest that I scored at the thrift store is my new favorite thing for fall!


  1. Love that vest! I love those hot dog things too. I went out behind our hotel in VA, and snapped one off for Charley, only I felt like a criminal because having just come from Alaska where just about everything is protected, I was concerned that the law would come out of the bushes with handcuffs. I am such a rebel. I know.

  2. I love the feeling I get seeing your yeller pianer in the sunlight.


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