Autumn Grey {glass beach}

This is Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA. 
It used to be a dump (don't we pick great places to put our trash).
So, the sand is full of bits of glass that have been tossed around in the waves for the last how many years.  The glass is all smooth now like pebbles.  You can just search for treasure to your little hearts content.  I could have stayed all day.

The boys liked finding live treasure.  There were fish in this tide pool.

As Joe was climbing around, he left his apple sitting on a rock which this squirrel claimed immediately.

Abby was the only one of us that found any blue glass.  But mostly she was discovering what happened to Anne Frank.

Look at all the great treasures we found!
*note: not all treasure came home with us

We did find some beautiful pieces of glass but I was most excited about these...

Tiny pieces of pottery!  They still have bits of glaze on them.
I can't wait do something with them.

You can check out others' autumn colors in the flickr group HERE.


  1. Pretty interesting stuff.
    Great picture of Joe!

  2. I found you through poppytalk and was excited to see this post. I too just went to a glass beach and posted about it about the same time as you. So fun, huh? Thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. glad you found me, nature nut. :)


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