At the Pumpkin Farm

This has been an annual trip for us since moving to California.
Aren't these pumpkins beautiful?!

It is quite the operation.
They have talking chickens that say things like:
Why did the rubber chicken cross the road?
'Cause he wanted to stretch his legs.
Ba dum chick.
What is a chicken's least favorite day of the week?
Ba dum chick.

The big kids got to try out the corn maze for the first time.
I made Jono go with them.  I am directionally challenged so put me in a corn maze and you won't see me again until the new year.  I probably shouldn't have revealed that tidbit.  It could probably be used against me.

There are animals to pet and feed.  The piglets had not been born yet and that is the only time pigs are ever cute so I purposely neglected to take their picture.  But the goats were pretty sweet.


We accessorized a couple shirts for the occasion with puffy ghosts and iron-on letters that I had found on clearance last year.  Amazingly, I was still able to locate that stuff to use it.
Trek was so proud of his letters.  He kept saying "O-O-B spells boo!"

The finale was trying to get a cute family shot in the giant pumpkin patch...

So maybe not.

It was a good day with the fam even if they wouldn't cooperate for the picture.
We came home with several sugar pumpkins for baking.
Any pumpkin recipes you'd like to share???

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