Harry Potter Wands

Remember the thrill of July?
The warmth of the summer sun.
The giant splash as you race into the water.
The great, last battle against Volde--
I mean, He Who Must Not Be Named.

Ask the Big-uns what was their favorite part of summer and, without hesitation, they will tell you
The Deathly Hallows Part 2!!!

The excitement has not waned.  We have had multiple conversations about which parts were changed and what was left out or added to the movie.  Repeated favorite lines...
("that went well" and "i've always wanted to use that spell")
Re-enacted whole scenes. 
I can't tell you how many sticks have been gathered to use for wands and how many times I've heard "expeliarmus".   Even the toddler is saying it (actually he says it more like his father--"smellyourarmpits")

And, of course, we will be dressing up as characters from Harry Potter for Halloween. 
Not surprising, I know.
So, in preparing for this fantastic event, we needed certain wands.
You know that the wand chooses the wizard and each wizard has a specific wand.

Can you believe these wands were made with paper and a glue gun?!!  I got major mom points for coming across this tutorial on Pinterest.
Much safer than a second grader trying to whittle them with his dollar store pocket knife.

It's really fairly simple:
Roll the paper.
Glue it together and let dry.
Add details with the glue gun.
Definitely check out the complete tutorial here.

We still have to make a mad eye for Professor Moody but at least the wands are ready!

By the way, anyone know who it was that said the quotes from above or just knew from looking which wizards' wands we made???  Just wondering how many other Harry Potter nerds are out there!


  1. I'm pretty sure you quoted Ron Weasley...and as for wands- Harry,Hermoine,Dumbledore,and....???
    I would say Professor Trelawney because I know Abby likes her, but....I dunno!
    GREAT job on them!!!

  2. They definitely look pretty neat! I don't know which belongs to whom though.


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