Zip Tie Spiders for the Kiddos

Here are the materials I started with..

old rusty bolt (don't worry my kids are up to date on their tetanus shots)
zip ties
googley eyes

You could use any small ring.  We were just using what we found around.

Put 8 zip ties onto the ring/bolt.

 It should look like this...

Scooch 4 over to one side and 4 on the other.
Bend in a couple places for legs and feet.

Add googley eyes and there you go--

Who knew spiders loved to slide?
They do.
They really do.

I'm not sure at what age you grow out of zip tie spiders, but my 7 year old was not the least bit interested.
Instead, he made a "war tool".
Rusty metal and zip ties.
Yep--the enemy better watch out!


  1. That itten that jest the cutest thing! (Said in my most southern lady accent. You know the one.) Yeah, Charley is growing out of a lot of our old school stuff lately. Don't know quite what to make of her big girl self just yet.


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