Canoe Garden

Usually you use water craft like this:

But what do you do when they get old and leaky and unpatchable?
You stick them in the barn and leave them for 10 years or so.
This summer we repurposed a few of those old canoes in our garden. 
This one grew lettuce and peas.

This one grew squash and pumpkin.
It grew.

And grew. 

And grew.

All the pumpkins that showed up in our garden were renegades.  I suppose from the seeds of pumpkins that we composted last year.  So, I have no idea what varieties we have.  But they look really cool.

Anybody know what they are?

I can't wait to decorate with these little guys!
Happy October!

By the way, look for a Halloween craft DIY later this week.
And as usual, there is a kids version and a me version!


  1. Hey that's a great idea! Chuck's got an old canoe that might be living it's last patch job (he's had it since he was 15, you and Jonathan have probably been in it!)

  2. Bec, that is some variety of pumpkins that you have there. Are the warty ones edible? Are you going to eat any of them or just decorate? You should roast pumpkin seeds - from the orange ones - they're good.


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