Last Minute Costume Ideas

We happened to be in Ukiah for their annual Pumpkinfest!

It was cute.  They had a hometown parade where all the local peewee teams and dance classes and karate classes had a float.  And--what a stroke of genius to do this kind of thing in the fall instead of a Christmas parade.  You know the temperature is guaranteed to drop below freezing if you even think about scheduling a Christmas parade.

If you are looking for a last minute Halloween costume, you might find some inspiration in the following pictures.

1. Mariachi band member  2. Shriner  3.  Scary Hobo Clown  4.  Zombie Roller Derby Girl or Super Roller Derby Girl  5. Any Star Wars character  6. Super-serious Dirt Biker

There was other entertainment.
We watched our lost balloon fly away.

We played in the bounce houses.  Always fun.

Climbed the rock tower.

With the very foam-muscled purple superhero. 
I would have thought he was the LSU Superfan but he didn't have a cape. 
And that, folks, is costume suggestion number 7.


  1. Looks like Loads 'o Fun. I hope I'm going to be Cher. Got to get some kind of shiny top to werar under a denim jacket decorated by Mel with CHER in jewels on the back. Hee Hee
    Borrowed wig from Carol Hudson.
    Shh - don't tell.

  2. rock it, shish! i remember that bejeweled jacket!


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