Autumn Orange {the pumpkin harvest}

I wanted to wait to harvest the pumpkins when we had all the kids there at the same time.
Amazingly, that was hard to do.  My kids aren't that old.  It's not like they are driving themselves places.  We might have to re-evaluate.  I like us together.

They each picked one and carried them over to the hay bales.
Dylan picked the squash because they were easier to carry but it's all squash really.

Yea! That was fun.
Then we played with the camera a little.
This one of Abby...Jono put his sunglasses over the lens of the camera.  She's pretty much amazing in any tint.  I'm allowed to say that, right? She is my daughter.  I can be just as biased as I want.

I love this series of Joe.  He was trying to bury himself with the pumpkins. 
He's such a goofy kid and a lot of fun when he's not trying to be Mr. Tough Guy. 
The last picture is his favorite. 
Of course.

Oh!  One last Autumn Orange...
the holiday truck in Forbestown!
They grew their pumpkins up onto the bed of the truck.
And.  There's a goat.
Love it.

If you missed it the past couple days, here is Autumn Red and Autumn Yellow.

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