Quote of the Day by Trek

Note before the quote:
We do not have cable, or dish, or whatever at our house.  We do have a TV and a DVD player.

Trek said,
"Frankie's TV changes and you don't even have to put a movie in the thing, just push the buttons on the remote! (he's totally incredulous at this point)  We should get one of those."

Of course, Abs and Joe totally agreed.  It might be the thing they are most looking forward to about Alabama--staying at a place that has a TV that changes when you push the buttons on the remote.


  1. Amazing what happens when you introduce the unknown...

  2. Ha, that is too cute! I can totally relate to your little one's desire for a tv that 'changes when the buttons are pushed' as we recently gave up cable. If I am being totally honest there are times I miss the mindless ability to just flick through the channels, but I know we are better off without it!


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